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Ice Texture
Ice Skate Sharpener

Versatile Service


  • Skate Sharpening

    • Flat Bottom V

    • Profile

  • Skate Repairs

  • All Brands Serviced

  • Hockey Skates

  • Figure Skates

  • Inline Skates

  • Experienced Service

Skate Sharpening Pricing


Hockey - $10

Figure - $12

Goalie - $12

Flat Bottom V - $12

New/Rusty - $20

Your first sharpening is on the house when you buy your skates here!

Sharpening Cards

Hockey Card - 8 Sharpenings for $60

Figure/Goalie/Flat Bottom V Card - 8 Sharpenings for $75

Looking for a great deal? Try a sharpening card: Buy 6 sharpenings and get 2 free! We put your name into our database so you don't have to worry about losing an actual card. Plus, they never expire!

Why Get Your Ice Skates Sharpened?


Your skates are what drives your performance, whether you're a hockey player or figure skater. When your skates are freshly sharpened, you'll be able to corner, stop, and accelerate more quickly without any problems.

Ice Skate Being Sharpened Professionally

How Do You Take Care of Hockey Skates?


  1. Keep them Sharp - Blades that are sharp will grab the ice better, giving you a more comfortable ride and, if you are a figure skater,  more confident landings. Don't wait too long or you may get too used to skating on dull blades!

  2. Protect Your Blade - When you must walk in your skates on a floor, place guards on them to protect them from wearing down or getting nicked. Also, be careful to step OVER the rink threshold as it is often made of steel and can easily damage your skates.

  3. Keep Moisture away - When not skating, be sure to remove any moisture from your skate to prevent rust from occurring. Rust will ruin the integrity of your skate and even if removed, it will never be as strong.

  4. Store them Properly - Do NOT store your skates with the hard guards on - this will promote rust; instead, store them in soakers to draw moisture away from your skates. Keep them in a dry environment.

  5. Take Care of Your Boots - Make sure to properly dry your boots after each skate as well, both inside and out. Your boot is just as susceptible to water damage as the blade and if not taken care of properly will not last as long as it can. Also, be sure to check your screws as well for the proper tightness.

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