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​​One of the best ways to improve your performance on the ice is to get skates that fit the right way. From faster top speeds to better cornering, acceleration, and more responsive stopping, you'll do everything better with the right skates. Our staff will fit you in the best skates for your needs so that you feel as good as you play when you hit the rink.

Find the Hockey Equipment Supplies You Need

From composite sticks to the newest helmets, gloves, pants, breezers, shin guards, shoulder pads, and elbow pads, get everything you need so you can hit the ice in style and protect yourself while playing your best.

Hockey Sticks from Brands Like CCM, Warrior, & Bauer

How to Choose the Right Hockey Stick in Two Quick Steps

  1. Stick flex - This is a determination of how stiff or flexible a hockey stick is. Usually, younger players will use a more flexible stick while senior players will use a stiff flex but this is also up to preference. If you are trying to decide, it is best to just try out the different flexes and see which one you like best. Some like a more flexible stick because of the 'slingshot effect' it tends to give while others like the full control feeling from a stiff flex stick.

  2. Curve Depth - Curve options are heel curves, mid curves and toe curves; they get their names from the starting point of where the curvature originates. So, a heel curve starts near the stick while a toe curve starts close to the end of the blade. Usually, defensive players tend to prefer heel curves while forwards tend to prefer toe curves. The best way to choose what you would prefer is to try them all out to get a feel for them. 

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