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What is Skate Profiling and How Does it Help?

Skate profiling (also called radiusing, contouring, or rockering) is a process in which you select exactly how much blade comes in contact with the ice. This allows you to customized exactly how the skate works for you and will help you improve specific functioning in order to cater to your exact needs or wants. Skate blades can be profiled to improve speed, turning and stability.


More blade contact will give you faster speeds as well as more stability; less blade contact will allow you easier pivot, turns, and agility.


Profiling can also change the pitch or lie of the blade which will effect balance, maneuverability and control, but remember this can also effect responsiveness and smoothness. Having the correct Radius and Pitch will improve your hockey game. Having the incorrect blade profile for your style can cause muscle fatigue, reduced your efficiency, give you balance issues and can affect your shooting and passing power.

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